Pillars of A Landscape
  Poems by Aftab Seth  

 "A Beautiful Land"      Commentary

< I >    We Walk The Same Road 

Spaces      My Pledge     The Day Approaches     Your Spice Garden    
Do You Remember?     Pillars of My Landscape    
I Think You Must Get Away     That Butterfly     A Fragment Blossoms
Deaths in a Decade     When You Came Back To Me     The Bolan Mail 
A Reunion     Travelled Too Far     Dawn at Freda Court    
My Mountain Links in Deltaic Soil     The Bolan Proposal    
Distant Neighbours     One Early Hanseatic Morning
And the Search Began Anew     A Wish     No Garlands Then
Birth in Beirut     The Predator     Faded Jaded Maid: Calcutta
Two FriendsTwo Lives Less     This Day in 1941     I Was Not Afraid     Oceans Lay Between Us    We Walk The Same Road

< II >   Broken Toys

I Do Not Know Why     Lemnos     The Mist Procession
  Ochre Sgns and Chiselled Bones or The Palace Wheels
Curtains at Dawn     When Our Souls Almost Met      A Greeting
Passion Pit     Broken Toys     Lament      The Urge to Conquer
The Dream Should Have Died     In August That Year
Snow Drops in May     Gentle Traveller     Some Day My Fiend
A Week After Zia Died     My Smiling Wreath      What Happened?
Sterile Squid of Santorini     Cavafy for Company in Cephalonia
In Cephalonian Waters     My Father     Our Verandah Tailor   My Room
The Athenian     In Confucian Sort of Way     Echoes of Generation
Alone in Hanoi      September the Sixth
  To the Potamianos Girls and Their Spouses


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