Selected 185
Poems by Hideo Yokokawa


 In Our Daily Lives 


Chapter I   Messages
To You  Poetic Spirit  Memorandum to Myself  Northern Limit
Declaration  Glacier in Patagonia  Deserted High Noon 
Bamboo and Glass   Nights and Days  Catch  It is .....

Chapter II   Nature
 Late Fall Sketch  One Autumnal Day  Fall of Musashino
Night of Autumn Rain  Driving  At Playground of Winter
Sketch of The Coldest Day  Street of Spring  A Mental Picture
One Day in Early Spring   Diary (May 9th)  Itinerary
  A Nocturnal Scene  Musashino Promnade  Spring Rushes
  In A Park   Stroll   A Sketch

Chapter III   Memories
A Photograph  A New Year's Card  White Coral  
Memory of 20 Years Ago  Point of the Question  
Recollection   A Traveler Eternal   Scenery

Chapter IV   Universe
 Nights with Midnight Sun  Time  Time and Space   Fuji   Comet
   two Behind Eye Lids  Recurrent  Moon in Deep Winter   Horizontality

Chapter V   Epics
Alexander the Great   Descendant of Hisiung-Nu    
Chingis-Haan   Cleopatra  Nirvana   Mamaluna   Hera and Zeus three

Chapter VI   Funny Tale
 On A Holiday  The 21st Century of Woman   Sake  This Father
World Atlas  Happiness  Argument on Men-Women
Lawless Territory  Origin of Evil  Chattering in An Office
An Allegory  Odd Logic  Officer Cap  Odd Dialogue
Illogic  A Chat in Nowhere   A Slander
Enhancement of Nation Power  Cat's Loneliness

Chapter VII   Privacy
Reading A Poem  A Momentary Reminiscence  
One Early Morning   At Calm Midnight  In the Living Room
Alone at Midnight  At a Storefront 
Econimic Efficiency and Monetary Sense
A Moment on Holiday  Reality  A Primitive Dinner  One Evening
On Christmas Day  A Nocturnal Scene  Strange Conversation
Isolated Work  An Afterglow  An Afterimage

Chapter VIII   Ornaments
Totem Pole  Christmas Cactus  Single Flower Vase  Ikebana
Furniture and Ornaments  Pencil Vase  A Single Hydrangea
White Lily  Mystery  Sandal Wood  My Cat
Material and Heart  Potted Plants

Chapter IX   Fragments
50 Years Old  Fly  Brief Comment on JAN/01   No Title (1)  
  Bamboo  Short Speech on JAN/01  1,000 Cranes  
Sympathy  Agreeable  A Cap's Strangeness  Admonition to Myself 
In a Dream  A Scene on Midnight TV  Luxurious Culture  Dream  
Extracts from Diary  Dream Dances  No Title (2)  Memoranda  
No Title (3)

Chapter X   East and West
Calligraphy by Lieu Goun-Cheung
The Seal Engraved by Wu Chang-Shuo  Sayonara
  A Scenery of Orchestra  Everlasting Big Rivers
Under the Milky Way  White Bear  Rocky Mountains  Mt. Fuji
  Common Factor  I Think   Why?  Evening Glow in Venice
Realism  Dance of Blaze  Giant  Dilettante
  Brief Comment on Representation   About Life
The Character Naught  Zen Dialogue  A Starting Point

Chapter XI   Life and Death     nine
Love  Wish  Death  Health  Separation  Spiritual Darkness   
Will  Desire   Eternity  A Space  Savage Child  Luxury of Taste

Solemnity of This Shore
  Silent Darkness  White Cloud  Paradox  
Imagination  God (Memory)  Death Mask  Living Dead Eyes  
A Yokokawa's Analects

Chapter XII   Light and Shadow
Exclamation  Consideration on Absurdity  Thinking Alone
Dilemma of Modern Poems  Travel of Contemplation
Opinion on Poetry Society  Poems and Words
The Psychology of Murder  The Reason I Write Poem

A Gamble


Total Direction

170 Poems written after  "st Dawn"


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