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Nights and Days

  My body is that of a deserted child,
  for I have abandoned myself 

  I have no place to live or die, 
  in hell or heaven. I am telling myself  
  why I have any reason to care about 
  tomorrow or even to hate today 

  I have no tears, laughter, rage or even 
  sadness, I just place myself at the  
  point of the light and shadow, desiring 
  early death 

f the sun rises and sets, the moon
  waxes and wanes, the stars twinkle 
  in space, the clouds play in the sky, 
  the winds blow over the field, the 
  flowers flood the earth, the animals
  prosper with trees and grasses, the 
  fish enjoys its life in the water and 
  the birds are singing, and if all of 
  them continues the eternal movements, 
  I have no attachment to my own life.


  I wish this body of mine be
  embraced by this circulatory universe
  filled with the innumerable bits 



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