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Aftab Seth


Born  in Patna, Bihar, India. Diploma with distinction in the Japanese Language and History in Keio University, Japan in 1963. B.A. (Hons) in History from St. Stephen's College, Dehli University, in 1964. M.A. in History and Politics, Constitutional History from Christ Church College, Oxford University, in 1967. Rhodes Scholar from India, in 1965 at Oxford University. Doctorate of laws, American College of Greece, Athens in 1993. After joining the Ministery of External Affairs of India in 1968, as a member of Indian Embassy he has lived and worked in Tokyo, Beirut, Cairo, Cyprus, Hamburg, Jakarta, Karachi, Athens, Hanoi. He has been Former Ambassador of India to Japan (2000-2003). 

He is former Professor and Director Global Security Research Institute, Keio University, Tokyo, Japan since June, 2004.  He is now Chairman of Japan India Partner Forum (Non-profit Organization).

His mother tongue is Hindustani. He understands Japanese, Vietnamese, German, Indonesian, French besides English. He has 2 children; a boy and a girl. His spouse is Mrs. Nilima Seth.

Number of articles and review in newspaper and magazines. Poetry in English: "Pillars of a Landscape" 1995; Cultural critique in Japanese: "How much weight can an elephant lose?" 2001; "Pillars of A Landscape" in Japanese translation by Hideo Yokokawa 2002, etc.



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