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ideo Yokokawa

He was born in Nagano Prefecture on July 11, 1942. He graduated Takasaki City University of Economics. Living very closely to the residence of Shipei Kusano, he studied the spirit of poetry from Shinpei. His poem "An Afterimage" won the top award of the the 1999 poetry contest of National Library of Poetry, USA. He has been introduced in the PBS TV twice in 2000 as a Japanese poet and translator. He lives with his cat in Higashimurayama, Tokyo. He is an owner and publisher of this website.


"Playing with Cloud"     "Before Daybreak"
"Life, Song and Contenplation"
"Diary of Private Novel", etc.



I began writing poetry in the early 1970's when I was about 30 years old. Since then, the accumulated number of poems I have written, mostly in Japanese but sometimes in English or Chinese, exceeds 1,000, out of which about 250 have been recorded in my past 4 publications. This translated edition in English containing my 174 works selected from the above published 250 is initially issued to those of my close friends who were interested in the world of poetry. I have since then been introduced to Internet Home Page services by a friend and this is how this site came about. I do not aim at any money or fame, but hope only that those who are interested may easily access my works through this home page.

     I am well aware of the fact that the translation of verses is by no means perfect, however, I am very happy that I could finalize my own translations in collaboration with Ms. Jeanne Clayton, who despite time limitations, assisted in correcting and improving my English wordings. I extend my sincere appreciation to Ms. Clayton..


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