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Jessica Helen Lopez












Jessica Helen Lopez is an award-winning performance poet. Lopez facilitates spoken word performances and poetry workshops for youth and adult writers/performers. A member of the Local Poet’s Guild and the Macondo Writer’s Foundation, Lopez is also an active participant/organizer for the City of Albuquerque Slam scene. She began writing poetry in late 2005, when she first started slamming upon invitation from poet Don McIver, host of Albuquerque's popular Poetr2y and Beer event.

Born in Paramount, Calif., Lopez spent much of her youth in Los Angeles and Long Beach until moving to Deming, New Mexico with her family. She is the author of two chapbooks, Dangerous Woman and La Catrina. She has collaborated on such spoken word CDs such as Green Chile: Only in New Mexico and Strength Vibrations. Lopez resides in the Albuquerque metro area with her nine-year-old daughter and is pursuing a degree in creative writing from the University of New Mexico.She is now named the City of Albuquerque Poet Laureate

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