January, 2019

by Hideo Yokokawa
for Jeanne Shannon

Sitting at the elliptic table in between us like this,
Enjoying white wine before meal,
Crossing my legs relaxedly,
I use a fork by one hand giving my weight to the backrest.
While, you use knife and fork in both hands gracefully
In a quite neat and polite manner as used to,
We are talking about the things of nothing particular one another.
The time passes by.

You are there like that.
I am here like this.

I feel something strange in this existence itself, but
We are contented.
Thinking an important photo that I have lost, I say
"The world seems peaceful, it's enough, isn't it?"
"Is it? I wonder"
You say watching my eyes calmly and add
"But, I love you"
"Yah, me too"
I say honestly receiving your eyes directly.

In this early Sunday afternoon,
We are talking casually at the table one  another
A very serious but natural matter.