May, 2019

Your Spice Garden
by Aftab Seth

Wondrous odours waft across
from your spice garden,
as flailing axe heaves
and cleaves sandal tree
you robe its blade in gentle perfume.
Like subtle scented herbs
on stony garden path,
you clothe with wounded fragrance
those feet that crush your greenest leaves,
as wondrous odours waft across
from your spice garden.



A Beautiful Land
by Hideo Yokokawa for for Aftab Seth

Showered by the flooded sunbeams
Sitting on Deccan
Resting our elbows on Himalayas
We drink together the water of Ganges from a ladle -
A supreme taste.

Looking far beyond Ocean
Listening to your passionate Mahabarata
I think of Yakushi coincidentally

Watching the faraway future
Beyond time and space
Our eyes shine.

O! Bharat
A beautiful land.