Mead Hoge Roseguo


You, an insane idiot over there, listen,
this place is a sanctuary of the Arts.
How are you going to compensate the crimes
you have committed in the past and are still doing?

Every day and night, stealing into the bed rooms
here and there, peeping the holy deeds of a couple,
you masturbate -- a sodomite.

Incest. Housebreakings. Thefts.Destructionas.
Viruses. Spams. Dummy.
Cunningly playing innocent,
how did you cheat your man to stand
in front of the video camera in your name?

Also, you pretend to be a great scholar,
who has once believed the nonsensical 2012.
Fraud. Monomaniac. Schizophrenic.

Is it true that a street girl gave birth to you
into a public toilet?

Now, in order to guard and  protect this sanctuary,
we have no alternative but to  force you into
an appropriate closed ward.