In Our Daily Lives

We, every mother's son, are living our daily lives surrounded by poetry, because poems are primarily words, and words are fundamentally our hearts, so we live by treasuring our words. At the same time, the most important thing for us now is the bliss extended to us by the nature, as well as the fine arts for our five senses

I describe scenery filled with abundant flowers and trees in Musashino
Where you can enjoy the extraordinary delicate shifts of
Every beautiful season, and also
My imagining brought to me by such nature
Releasing my mind into the universe

When I write of mankind
I describe myself, thinking basically about
What life and death are
What on earth human is
What culture is
What freedom is in the true sense of the word

But, my poetry is not grandiose
It is based on my own life
I write of the humor, wit or pathos in my life
I live everyday by the sweat of my brow
Filled with love, joy, laughter, sadness or sometimes even anger
Above all
I do not stand for any particular thought, religion or group at all
I write for you, the individual, an independent existence

I have been thinking of the balance between humanity and nature
I believe my poetry will provide your heart with that which will
Let you think and feel the things deeply and live through
The difficulty of the modern era

This book of poetry is designed and edited for a wide range of readers
Even if you are not familiar with modern poetry or even not interested in it
You may read and enjoy it
Or, if you are a poet at heart, you will see
Some substantial solution that you have to seriously think of after all

Now, let us begin .....