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A New Year's Card


In the mid summer of 1974, we moved to this city
(16 years have passed since then as of this writing)

After installing the furniture in the new residence and
Arranging many things in the drawers or boxes
I unexpectedly found an old postcard
It was a New Year's card dated January 1, l964
From a teacher in my middle high school days
It bears no letters on the corresponding page, but
Shown is a woodblock print of
The Goddess of Mercy from the waist up

(If my memory is correct, the teacher passed away suddenly in early spring of this year of 1964, ending his life as a devoted teacher of art in my remote home town)

"Look, I found this figure of beauty, but somehow I feel sad" I said
Showing it to a friend of mine
"Never happen, this is nothing more than his idea of the feminine figure" said he taking a glance at it.
"Oh, yeah? Maybe .......Yeah, it is" murmuring
I had to agree but a small question remained as to how and why the sensation of deep prayer seemed to emit from the picture, which lasts to this day in my mind

Afterwards, I put the picture into a frame and hung it on a wall close to me, never moving it, despite many other changes since then