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Memory of 20 Years Ago

Looking at this picture, I do not have any words absorbed by it, and
It seems to me as if
All the history of sculpture starts and ends with Michelangelo's Pieta

It is definitely a divine work, but it exceeds the hands of God
In order to see it
I have visited the St. Pietro Cathedral so many times, and
Each time, I have sat in front of it all day long
I felt Michelangelo to be himself a God, and yet at the same time
Obviously he is a human called artist
I do not know what I should call him

Before going to bed in the evening prior to the consecutive holidays looking at the photographs of sculptures, I clearly recall the conversations that I had in this room 20 years ago with a friend of mine who was aiming to be a painter

At the same time, I am intoxicated by the impression of furious power in the incomplete torso called Slave in Academia shown on the atter page which seems as if it is trying furiously to get out of the marble