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One Evening

"How foolish I am! I wish I could finish everything each time, 'cause it is the
     situation after the time I was lazy and absent minded"
Murmuring, I finish washing tableware, pots, etc. left in kitchen sink for the
     past 2 days
And then, after cleaning the rooms and laundering
I get back to myself in a fresh mind of a normal rhythm

Now, I have to prepare a supper in the kitchen
To begin with, mincing scallion and putting them into a bowl, then
Adding a quail egg and natto to it to make a simple relish
After broiling a slice of salmon and putting butter on it in a dish
I put the cut fine of pickled radish leaves beside it
Next, I prepare the teppoh pickles in another small plate
Drinking a cup of African tea and sake
I cook poke miso soup with plenty of other ingredients

Thinking that I have to eat because I have tomorrow
I enjoy a gorgeous dinner made for myself which is
Cheap but full of nutritive substances and meets my tastes

After finishing it, making coffee by drip unusually and drinking it
I feel everything is over now for today, and I think of tomorrow