Potted Plants

It is quite some time ago that a plant named Dracaena of about 15      centimeters tall was brought to my home. The Japanese name is the Tree of Happiness, they say I ask the tree living in the small tight pot with amazing vitality Are you still happy to stay here just like your name?

You may want to get back to the place where you were born somewhere in      the southern damp land or primitive forest filled with glaring sunbeams.Even though chopped down and covered by wax cruelly at your injured body,      how strong, how robust, how manly and how beautiful of you to sprout and      grow thick!
O!, Christmas cactus and Ceylon creeper in the pots standing in line on the      side table Your situations are exactly the same as Dracaena's By your stance, all of you are showing your tremendous bravery and power to live and live through just in the place where you are Through the blurred eyesight veiled by tears of impression My fogged eyes are just startled and keep gazing at the beauty of the potted plants