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Yasuo Terashima

He was born in 1941 at Hotaka of Nagano Prefecture which locates at the base of the great Hida Mountains. He graduated Nagoya Institute of Technology with the  registered architect qualification,

Since after the graduation, he has been an independent architect till now. Besides in 2010, he established with other related parties The Ciitien's Council of the City of Kasugai for Reconstruction of the Kozohji New Town.

For those who engage in the field of architect, an artistic sense is vitally necessary, however, apart from his job as an architect, he has been enjoying to paint his watercolors. He is also interested in literatures, and from time to time, he has been writing stories for children.  Mountain-climbing is not only his hobby, but it is also a part of his life itself.

He lives with his wife in the said city Kasugai. They have two daughters.