The Largest Sailing Ship in the World

Swan of the Pacific
( Nippon Maru II )

 "Praying Maiden" at the figurehead

( Music:  2' - 42" )

“Nippon Maru II” was built in 1984, successor of the then “Nippon Maru” (1930-1984). She is the largest training sail ship in the world and nicknamed “Swan of the Pacific.” Her total tonnage is 2,570 metric tons with 110.09 meter overall length, 13.80 meter width, 6.57 meter draft, and 43.5 meter high from sea surface to top of mast. She has 4 masts and 36 sails in total, 190 crews on board. The pictures shown here are to introduce the process of the Sail Drill. It took about an hour for the trainees to finish this sail drill.

She has been visiting the ports around the world and still continues her mission to carry friendship to your nearby ports. someday.

Process of the Sail Drill