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Alexander the Great
Hideo Yokokawa

Jessica Helen Lopez





In the mind of Alexander the Great
Stylish phrases such as
"The word 'impossible' does not exist in my vocabulary" were absent
Still less
Alexander was unrelated to such a mean spirit like
"This world is entirely mine except that the moon is to be full every night"

Mounting his horse, governing large rough forces
Going over mountains, crossing rivers
Deploying battles in the grand plains
Burning villages, towns and cities
The thing that he most sought was
An entirely noble, gracious and beautiful lady
With whom even the later day Cleopatra could not compare

Hugging, consoling and giving solace to the loneliness of a man
Who is required to be the strongest in the world all the time is
A pure soft flesh and hearty devotion of woman
Even for only a moment

When he had almost gained the command of the world
At the Battle of Gaugamera
An idea rushed into Alexander's mind was the one
Far from an insatiable lust for conquest, money or valuables
As the son of God
He had already plenty of such things in his hands

When the Battle of Gaugamera concluded
The word "Peace"
Flashed into Alexander's mind

Alexander immediately stood up and
Shouted just short words to his Officers
"Here is my order, you are to violate women"

The order was transferred to the whole troops
The information was, however
Much more rapid and clearer than waves of electricity
Before Alexander had finished his words
His real intention had spread to all directions

Pretending to be both disagreeable and resistant
The women instinctively having sharp noses to sort the truth of matters
Welcomed this compulsion
Secretly in their hearts

Virgins' embarrassed curiosity swelled in their hearts
Wives' hearts leaped with freedom after a long time
Widows were cheered with dazzling lewdness
Old women with shining eyes wore treasured perfumes
Girls before menarche were hidden under the ground

Thrusting and twisting their waists
Women joyfully greeted these roughnecks
In an instant
Women absorbed and kept the seeds of soldiers
Deep into their wombs
With their keen nails or teeth with might and main

Forget me not
Women scratching or biting at
Rascals' backs, chests, breasts or bottoms
Where nobody except themselves knew
Marked the proof of their mixed emotions of
Everlasting love, hatred and sorrow of parting

Shortly after the troops left
A number of children of mixed parentage were born
Mothers told their children

Hear me
Your father is from a foreign land
He wears a scar of my remembrance
At such and such part of his body
He lives in this unlimitedly vast land
Seek him someday
Your father was
A great soldier crossing borders
For peace