Funny Little Story
 Based on the  collections of Daiji Kawasaki, modified translation by
Hideo Yokokawa


The boy who paid a visit to Asakusa Kannon came back abd said to his father. "Dad, I deeply prayed today, and on my way back, I found a lost wonderful mirror by the roadside of Nakamise Avenue." "Oh, yeah! and then?" I asked people around there if they had any idea of the person who had lost it. But nobody knew."  "That must be a Kannon's gift for you. You picked it up, didn't you?" "No, dad." "Why didn't you bring back the good fortune?" ""Well, I bent down to pick it up, but I stopped." "Wow, why?" "'Cause, someone in the mirror was staring at me."




A man talked to children in a know-it-all manner. "The animals that have bifurcate hooves run rapidly, For example, do you know, rhinos living in faraway Africa?" "Yeah, isn't it like the one with a horn nose?" said a boy. "Yes, you are correct, It dashes like an arrow because of the bifurcate hooves" said the man. "Oh! if so, what happens to horses that have not bifurcate hooves? They run very fast" said an other girl. "Well, it is only because the hooves are not bifurcate that persons can ride on. If the hooves were bifurcate it is a terrible fuss to ride on horses, as they move far faster than the eye could follow" said the man. Then, another boy said. "Oh! What happened to caws? Whey are slow even though they have bifurcate hooves. Why?" "Good. The reason caws can only walk very slowly is because their hooves are bifurcate, otherwise they can not even move." said the man.



A Wolf's Fiasco

A hungry wolf came down the mountains.
tat tat tat tat tat tat tat tat tat tat He heard the sound of footsteps of an express messenger. It's in the bag! -- he thought and awaited at the  center of the ro   ad widely opening his big mouth.  ... tat tat tat tat tat   The messenger jumped into his mouth without glancing aside and run through his body, then, with a pop, getting out of the
buttocks, the messenger left there quickly    pop  tat tat tat tat ....  
.Looking back, the wolf murmured. "Regretful, I should have worn a breechclout."



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