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Hera and Zeus       Alexander the Great        Descendant of Hisun-Nu

Your Soul     Youth     A Shawl of Love       TOWARDS THE FUTURE



Collaboration of Music and Poetry


A Moment of Relaxation


Jeanne Shannon   Aftab Seth . Phyllis Hoge   Samuel E. Stone   Hideo Yokokawa  Takako Takasuka


Ozaki Hosai.


Ishikawa Nobuo.


at Dawn 
Selected 187 poems by Hideo Yokokawa

The poetry of Hideo Yokokawa strikes me right away as deeply honest and immediate in intent and in expression of human feeling. I believe it is because of this essential integrity that he frequently comes upon phrasing both felicitous  and profound. His use of the English language is often beautiful in its direct  simplicity, a welcome diversion from the tortured mode now popular, and his poetic observations are both original and just.    
---  Phyllis Hoge Thompson





Beyond Love and Prayer
Selected 210 poems by Phyllis Hoge Thompson
From the first, for Phyllis Hoge Thompson herself, poetry has been the  most reliable world expanding far beyond the daily lives of love belief  and prayer. Her world of poetry is deeply limpid, often joyous, sometimes sad but always courageous standing firmly on the land. Here half her life devoted to pure art has been presented silently.   
---  Hideo Yokokawa

   WORK AFTER "Beyond of Love and Prayer"

Nature's Mysteries
Selected 125 poems by Samuel E. Stone
Mother nature is a world of complexity beyond the realm of our reasoning yet holds the simple pleasures and beauty that touches  our very soul; from a blade of grass to the sky above nature provides us with a spiritual journey where we can discover inner peace  
 -- Poet

    26 Poems after "Nature's Mysteries"  

 Bewildered and Lost

A Glow of Hope

  Work after "Bewildered and Lost"



Carrying Water in a Sieve
Selected 138 poems by Jeanne Shannon

"How to express" is an important factor for poetry. In this respect, with her limpid intelligence, matured knowledge and condensed laconism, Jeanne Shannon has succeeded in creating a unique method by utilizing words which usually are only distantly related to the standard/traditional diction of poetry. Also, I like her attentiveness to the natural world, which is highly regarded by many readers over here in Japan, too.  
----- Hideo Yokokawa

Pillars of A Landscape  
Selected 60 poems by Aftab Seth
He shows the poet's spiritual landscapes, touches and arouses something lying deep inside one's heart. Whether it is a joy, a sorrow or a pain, people see their lives more gently, and are encouraged to experience various aspects of their life much deeper in their future. The landscape in his spirit and his deep insights into life have surely inspired me. Now I will continue to read his poems much deeper to follow his spirits and to inspire me more.     
 --- Yuichiro Anzai







Always Messing with them Boys
Selected 32 poems by Jessica Helen Lopez
The life itself for her is sadness based on love, which is expressed in her poems as an inevitable anger seeking for the flat, having no way of venting. She made a debut into our Poetry Plaza for her inevitability, as an individual existence. 
--- Hideo Yokokawa



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