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Collaboration of Music and Poetry


A Moment of Relaxation

at Dawn 
Poems by Hideo Yokokawa

This collection of my poems , consisting of 12 chapters, is designed and edited for a wide range of readers. So, even if you are not familiar with modern poetry or even not very much interested in it, you may read and enjoy it. Or, if you are a poet at heart, you will see Some substantial solution that you have to seriously think of after all.




  WORK AFTER "Total Direction"  


Carrying Water in a Sieve
Poems by Jeanne Shannon

"How to express" is an important factor for poetry. In this respect, with her limpid intelligence, matured knowledge and condensed laconism, Jeanne Shannon has succeeded in creating a unique method by utilizing words which usually are only distantly related to the standard/traditional diction of poetry.   ----- Hideo Yokokawa

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Pillars of A Landscape
Poems by Aftab Seth
He shows the poet's spiritual landscapes, touches and arouses something lying deep inside one's heart. Whether it is a joy, a sorrow or a pain, people see their lives more gently, and are encouraged to experience various aspects of their life much deeper in their future. The landscape in his spirit and his deep insights into life have surely inspired me. Now I will continue to read his poems much deeper to follow his spirits and to inspire me more.     
 --- Yuichiro Anza



   WORK AFTER "Pillars of A Landscape"   "




Always Messing with them Boys
Poems by Jessica Helen Lopez
The life itself for her is sadness based on love, which is expressed in her poems as an inevitable anger seeking for the flat, having no way of venting. She made a debut into our Poetry Plaza for her inevitability, as an individual existence. 
--- Hideo Yokokawa

     WORK AFTER "Always Messing with them Boys"   

iNature's Mysteries
Poems by Samuel E. Stone
Mother nature is a world of complexity beyond the realm of our reasoning yet holds the simple pleasures and beauty that touches  our very soul; from a blade of grass to the sky above nature provides us with a spiritual journey where we can discover inner peace  
 -- Poet


   WORK AFTER "Nature's Mysteries"


Ishikawa Nobuo


Ozaki Hosai


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