A Glow of Hope
Samuel E. Stone  

Light to Share OCT/3017

Moments to seconds passing by,
in the course of traveling in time,
without a clue, just wondering why,
the secrets hidden within our mind.

In the sunset, memories fade away,
locked deep within onefs own heart,
shadows do linger yet they never stay,
it doesnft matter if your slow or smart.

We never had any control since birth,
mysteries are held in the heavens above,
captivated moments found here on earth,
in family and friends with whom we love.

The present is the only time that does exist,
yesterdays and tomorrow are but illusions,
yet lifefs struggles seems to always persist,
often leaving us each caught up in confusion.

If we could just relax and look around,
the wonders and beauty are always there,
peace and harmony will soon surround,
a placid reflective sight for all to share.


In Search of Home

A new beginning, another end,
the passing of the morning light,
the cherish moments of friends,
flickering beauty of naturefs sights.

Life on this earth is for the living,
we struggling to survive each day,
treasures found in selfless giving,
the secret to finding our own way.

Captivated moments under the sun,
in a land of sacrifices and despair
with satisfaction knowing we won
joys of the spirit is beyond compare.

Surrounded by water of aqua blue,
in the mist of the salty ocean spray,
to onefs self we must be ever true,
having strength from above we pray.

For Life is more than just you and I,
upon the earth we tumultuously roam,
without answers only the question why,
to find the peace and security of home.


Glow In The Darkness

Mysterious essence within the dark night,
consumes the spirit, seizing earthly souls,
radiating a ghostly glow that is ever bright,
victims fall prey, taking their mortal toll.

Insecurities linger in dark infested fears,
often causing one to tremble and shake,
gasping for air as we shed a humble tear,
lying there all alone, yet so wide awake.

The night air is filled with a cold chill,
hear the howling of the wind in the air,
nothing to chance not even our own will,
raging emotions and feelings, no one cares.

Curled up in a blanket laying on the bed,
a helpless feeling overshadows the mind,
wondering if your alive or already dead,
lost in the forgotten passage of endless time.

Comprehending so little in this world we live,
souls tormented, plagued with a burning desire,
earthly thoughts absorbed in hearts that forgive,
brings the hope of peace in the land of raging fire.


From Lace to Grace

The precious moments of long ago,
swallow up in the corridors of time,
where desires like wildfires flowed,
thoughts and illusions of the mind.

Excitement growing with each day,
the glittering rays of the warm sun,
wondering what was coming our way,
back then everything was such fun.

Experiencing each new beginning,
brought joyful minutes, every hour,
life was a game with passing innings,
but over the course of time it devours.

Gone is the suspense of yesterdayfs past,
as we awake to all the aches and pains,
for nothing of this world is made to last,
as we sit reminiscing in the pouring rain.

Recalling the moments of fun and love,
the precious fantasy of satin and lace,
we give thanks the good Lord up above,
for bestowing this life with all itfs grace.


Drifting Like A Star

Stars in the heaven drifting across the sky,
the moon full, round with an amber glow,
on earth we gaze, pondering all the whys,
night winds swirl with an ever warm flow.

Mysteries of the universe, stories yet told,
hidden within the prismatic essence of night,
meek and humble yet in exploration so bold,
searching to discover the secrets of the light.

Moments of yesterdays just can not compare,
each new experience brings mindful rapture,
captivating sounds, colors so vivid and rare,
gone in an illusion of time we canft capture.

Spirits held within a physically weak form,
minds filled with emotions a constant rage,
lifefs excitement makes our blood run warm,
wefre trapped alone within our human cage.

To enjoy life, ourselves we must truly give,
endless motion drifting like the stars up high,
consumed in being allows us to finally live,
peace of spirit for in the end, we all shall die.


A Haunting Reality

The shadows lingering in the passing light,
as colorful sunsets end with shades of gray,
bringing with it the onset of a lonely night,
one wants to stay close, afraid to even stray.

Mysteries of life and death in the cold dark,
create confusion which holds a piecing fear,
surrounded yet suddenly, alone in the park,
never knowing whether to run or shed a tear.

Hearts pound with a loud, quick paced beat,
mighty wind howling in the cold chilled air,
frozen still, unable to even move your feet,
grasping to hold on and not be lost in despair.

Shadows prancing, dancing upon the wall,
casting monsters and demons from our mind,
such hideous ghostly figures stand ever tall,
spirits of the darkness lost in endless time.

Any given night can hold the anguish and pain,
thoughts stewing within our own mortal plane,
transcends from reality wondering if we are sane,
while in the darkness we fall victims to our shame.


A Glow Of Hope

Reflective light casting an amber glow,
sensuously colored rainbow in the sky,
prismatic sighting upon the riverfs flow,
the mystery of which we know not why.

World of splendor and mystical sights,
signs of tranquility in the Springfs air,
captivating moments in twinkling lights,
our essence consumed in peace so rare.

Living as mere creatures of this land,
the fields and valleys we often roam,
the hour glass of life drains the sand,
searching for secure place called home.

Upon the path we face pain and sorrow,
for life is a constant struggle day to day,
living with the hope of a better tomorrow,
scurrying in the darkness to find our way.

So much to see and do in so little time,
living on yesterdayfs promise of hope,
peace and tranquility within our mind,
brings satisfaction allowing us to cope.


Transcending Delight

A bottle of Chardonnay
on a soft moonlit night,
just the words we say,
sets the mood just right.

In the arms of your love,
the sound of music plays,
truly a gift from up above,
tantalizing in so many ways.

Sharing as one is so fine,
flames fluttering all a blaze,
devouring passion and desire,
together lost in lovefs maze.

Shadows dance on the wall,
brings harmony to the soul,
feeling as if you have it all,
eases hardships mortal toll.

Two lives become as one,
as spirits transcends a new,
when itfs all said and done,
beneath the sky ever so blue.


Simple Yet Profound

Bird in flight,
gracefully soars,
magnificent sight,
outside our doors.

Grazing deer,
upon the grass,
alert with fear,
a feeding task.

Squirrel in play,
scampering about,
just their way,
often they shout.

Even rabbits too,
getting their share,
under the sky of blue,
without a single care.

Nature surrounds,
being all it can be,
simple yet profound,
but do we even see?


Love and Devotion

Upon the glorious morning light,
the warm misty shadows of love,
shines a reflective beautiful sight,
surely a gift from heavens above.

Many years have come and gone,
our love grows ageless with time,
some how it doesnft seem that long,

Ifm still yours and youfre still mine.
Treasured moments we have so many,
everything we touch appears as gold,
love itself has given us life of plenty,
desires gentle kiss to passion so bold.

Rainbow over head could be an illusion,
seen in the rose colored glasses we wear,
our life is full without all the confusion,
knowing we always have our love to share.

Two hearts in love filled with emotion,
in an empty world of power and greed,
survival depends on trust and devotion,
two hearts fulfill each others basic need.


Lost Enchantment

Green grass appears as a blanket on the ground,
full and rich leaving footsteps with each step,
the chirping of singing birds heard all around,
morning dew leaves the grass sparkling and wet.

High up above are aqua shades of deep blue,
with scattered cloud formations in the sky,
the brightness of the sun brings the day anew,
shadows dance on the trees no one wonders why.

Enchanted beauty before our very eyes each day,
passing from our sight without even being seen,
caught up with schedules and tasks along our way,
itfs no wonder that our society often acts so mean.

Birds of flight, in the sky they gracefully soar,
squirrels in play always scamping here and there,
not noticing their frolic as we run to the door,
on the move, on the run going who knows where.

Moments disappear, lost in the warmth of the sun,
the enchantment of the day, the romance of night,
sadly when your life is lived , well then itfs done,
when itfs over hopefully then youfll see the light.


Choices and Consequences

All the yesterdays turn into tomorrow,
traveling the corridors of passing time,
where each moment we merely borrow,
forgetting to say grace before we dine.

A whirlwind of energy then itfs gone,
disappearing in the darkness of night,
our lost youth for which we often long,
even memories begin to fade from sight.

Mystery and intrigue yet nothing last,
not the romance or the sensual desire,
once we lived in the future now the past,
passion flows turns to a smoldering fire.

The uncertainty of the unknown we fear,
as we each travel down lifefs lonely path,
joys and happiness to sadness and tears,
our indiscretions we fear Almightyfs wrath.

Choices and consequences is how we live,
with impulsive decisions made each day,
to often our greed doesnft allow us to give,
the complexity involved in our human way.


Another Day

Dance beneath the trees,
give thanks under the sun,
in awe upon bended knees,
dawning of a new day begun.

Sky of endless blue over head,
warm gentle breeze in the air,
some live while others are dead,
wonders exist for those who dare.

Passing the corridors of time,
so much to see, so much to do,
nothing is really yours or mine,
except spirits of hearts so true.

Complex or simple it can be,
choices we each have to make,
to stay and fight or simply flee,
choices to make without a break.

Thankful each day we are here,
enjoying what nature bestows,
trying to co-exist without fear,
love and honor there to behold.


Angelic Love

Once upon a mountain top so high,
way above all the busy city lights,
you can touch the stars in the sky,
a wondrous setting on a clear night.

One feels so small looking at it all,
gazing out watching a twinkling star,
it streaks across the sky and then falls,
seemingly so close yet itfs ever so far

Summertime when the breeze is warm,
the mountain air is so fresh and clean,
in darkness the bees no longer swarm,
by moonlight deer feeding ever so lean.

The beauty of nature there to behold,
land consumed by enchanted dreams,
stories of love and beauty yet to unfold,
far away from the cityfs greedy schemes.

The mountain is a gift from God above,
an endearing peaceful place one can go,
such a pristine setting created out of love,
where we can discover how little we know.


A Stormy Night

The raindrops came pouring down,
from the darken sky of gray above,
covering the ground and all around,
on a branch perched a morning dove.

The cold wind howled in the chilly air,
as lightening rods lit up the dawnfs sky,
the thunder, roared as loud as it dared,
while frighten children hoped not to die.

Nature can show itfs power and might,
in itfs raw beauty and awesome force,
wonders of which becomes such a sight,
lighting the sky with itfs electrical force.

A storm can hold a haunting illusion,
as shadows dance upon the pale wall,
mixed emotions filled with confusion,
where demons rise and fall ever so tall.

Raging weather, so full and complete,
in the darkness of night they are born,
each storm of itself is ever so unique,
earthfs battle ground so wet and torn.



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