Always Messing with them Boys
Poems by Jessica Helen Lopez

Mama     Palmas en la Frontera     don de dios     Dangerous Woman
Pre-Pubescent Ruminations from a Tree Tree

Always Messinging with th em Boys     Hey, Bukowski!     Custody
Red Is the Color of Regret     Hate Poem
The Acquiescence of Magdalena and the Rise of Jesus    
That Following Sunday ?     Note from Lima

An Offering to the Lover Who Will Leave for Mexico City  
I Would Love Like This If I Were You     This Sunday Morning
     The Room Upstairs     Ordinary Woman, the Jilted Soapbox or a List of Sorts
These the Women     On the Eve of My Abortion
     Bllie's Blues Are Mine
Beauty     us     Chloe   
 Cool Woman Albuquerque     My Aging Face     Surely
Una Carta de Amor de la Llorona with special thanks to Danny Solis
Two Weeks Into the Break     I Dreamt of Possession     antuario de Guadalupe
My Mama Is a Poet