Always Messing with them Boys
Jessica Helen Lopez               

I Dreamt of Possession

there is a shoebox with a gun it
a backbone without a home, a wet cat prowling at the door
mewing like a nervous prostitute
Boxcar, my pretty
lay down your roaming train tracks
stop moving through the rain
let me get my big fol needy hands around that slippery body of yours
that androgynous back and those soft velvety moles
the springcurl of your hair makes me wet inside,
a dozen melting candles drip down my thighs
a sopping mess of emotions pooling around my toes
at least Ifm not bleeding tonight

I wished you hated me more than you do
but you cry like a child when you come into me
and I want to be battered like the wind
hate me so that I may love you
your pistol-whip blue eyes
hurt because they are too kind
and I need to press against a hot spoon
a bullet-riddled chest, a man with
a mangled past and a cowboy trick up his sleeve

my feminist rancor curled her lip
at the woman in my mirror
and I says, so I says,
to her ?

you wouldnft know
love if it spit in your face

you donft
know nothinf
from a hole
in the ground