Always Messing with them Boys
Jessica Helen Lopez             

Dangerous Woman

Ifve got no qualms
on being a woman
no problem with my
swinging hips, paint my lips
a Nefertiti type of chick
a fret-none, foul-mouthed
drink some beer kind of bitch
laugh with the girls
smoldering cigarillo
hangs on hard lips

Ifm a quick-wit pessimist
born with a bad disposition
bonding bartenders and
waitress sisterhood
up to no good

that dangerous table
back of the bar shadows
black widows chewing
up men throwing
back beers
cocked rifle
my poem
a revolution
on the horizon

tipsy chatter
of mean daddies
fast-fisted husbands
seventy-cents on the dollar

double standards and
sorry ass sexual innuendoes
scratching where I please
another round of brew, please
remove your hands
from my ass,
a tease
stomping through life
squeezed into lean jeans

Ifm a contradiction
wearing a barely-there-bra,
bulldozing bullshit,
those that aim
to hurt me
those that arenft
not knowing
any difference
a hangover of regrets
and smudged mascara

what to do with
this anger
like a man?

this tongue
like a proprietor
of porn?

where do I fit
between dainty decent
and vulgar truth?

saintly and slutty?
maternal and murderous?

Butt ?
of a cigarette
a beautiful thing
sexy beer bottle
and smoking Marlboro Lights
down to the last stick
last match
last call

Ifve got no qualms
with alcohol
smooth and fluid
heavy-handed eye
shadow hooded lids
sling my arrows aim
to miss

swinging hips
painted lips

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