A Barbarism

In an morning with heavy hangover,
I happen to recall a friend of mine said
 that the aloe was very goof for the health.

As am attempt.
 I cut off a part of leaf of the potted aloe living on my veranda, then
I get back to the kitchen to put it into the mixer
with a lemon  and sugar.

Switch on.
Soon, the special juice comes out.
I try ro drink.  The taste is awful.
 I dare to push it into my stomach.

Pretty soon, I find my hangover is gone.

No Title

Somewhere invisible.
somewhere in silence.

An unknown darkness.
A crevice on the earth.

The deep.


Even though how the wind is blowing,
I proceed my way towards the future,
seeking for what and where the truth is,
for myself. independently

At Times

Occasionally, I go to a midnight pub, where
I sing and dance with youngsters till daybreak,
and I reflesh myself by absorbing
the young powers into my mind.

Next day, I stay in bed whole day
suffering from a heavy hangover.

At times, it will be necessary for me to be like this,
as I've been in such a state like this for a long time.
You will please leave me alone.

No Title

I go the road
Of a long distance
In my way.


A Slump

My muse left me alone for a long time.
In my heart,
is there still remaining  anything to express,
after throwing away so-called rhetoric or
appreciation as to the finish.

what I need right now will be
the scorching sun glaring the deserts,
the eagle flying over mountains way up high.

Throw away the cheap trick plays,
even though there seems no way to go with.

The Outsides in an Inside

Apart from the various cosmological theories
geometrically standing on the cubic apace
based on the prevailing positivism,
I think of a black hole and so-called white hole,
supposing that they are two sides of the  same coin.

In other words, the former is an exit to
another unknown grand universe, and
the latter is a big bang itself.

There are many big bangs here and there, and
Euclid will be entirely upset as a result.

In My Case

It seems to me that
a subjectivity and an objectify
struggle with each other in my mind
during my thinking and writing poems.

It may possibly be a process
to seek where the universality is.

New Year's Day 2018

In the dim light,
the endless journey 
continues further.

Our Platform

Poetry may involve any thoughts of social sciences or even religions.
However, it neither serves nor speaks out about them simply.

I believe that it deeply impresses people, because, in it,
the sensitivity and mentality are colligated and tightly intertwined with the logic itself.

What we chase is in the sphere of arts, and standing on a variety of thoughts and views  which are quite different amongst the fellow poets, and appealing to the audience, we present our work as an independent object here in this site, in the hope that we may give you something  worthy to think of as your pabulum.


Feverish and restless days
during Christmas
bear a distinctive atmosphere.

People are still in a fidget, but
the time incessantly proceeds
to the last day of the year.

The New Year's Eve bells
sound far away
for the days to come.

At Seventy-five

An extremely weak eyesight,
no lens workable, getting worse.

Both of the ankles heavily sprained,
the left shoulder once dislocated, in my youth.

Three hipbones fixed by metal,
the joint of right knee replaced by artificial bones.

A cyborg is still vivid right here
furiously burning up further.

Madonna Forever
(Thunberg's Meadowsweet)

In the darkness of defoliated bushes,
an exorbitant white is standing up

(for Jeanne Clayton, Translator)

Diary  (3/16, Thu.)

Sunbeams through the glass doors.
Warm. Bright. Calm.

Pure whiteness of a meadowsweet
in a single flower vase
 in the the sideboard corner.

An excellent tea bowl,
powdered tea in a caddy,
a tea whisk, a ladle
in front of me.

Nobody to come.


An Accident

The radio reported that a young woman breeder was attacked by a female lion and seriously injured during her work of cleaning the lions' place. The injured breeder was carried to a hospital by an ambulance. And it was confirmed that she was not dead yet when she reached the hospital.

Next day, the radio further reported briefly that the zoo would be closed for the time being without mentioning to anything about the the injured woman, dead or alive. And the news disappeared from the radios.

I wonder how they are settling this accident.



I live together with  my cat Bobbie
mutually in good harmony
in the residence shut up by concrete
on the 12th floor.

Bobbie must be feeling lonesome,
so as to me, but we are not unhappy,
sharing loneliness one another.

I have nothing particularly to do.
Everyday goes by peacefully


In the Milky Mist

What on earth am I?
Do I have any ism?

I leave the answer aside
and I stop thinking of it further.

I am
going to nothing.

A Madman  with Knives

In open daylight,
shouting something crazy in dirty words,
a drunken rascal is brandishing
a barbarian sword incoherently
in the center of a crowd.


Twilight Time 

In my youth for a decade,
I have been a top athlete,
far apart from the literature.

Now ,
my body is
wobbling and rattling.

I am still running
at full speed
towards the goal.


No Title 

Given a birth,
lived through and
I am living right here,

still more,
in my mind.


An Admonition 

Do not flatter. Do not obey.
Be always with the common people.

Go your way straightly for yourself,
watching where the universal is.


A Wall Paper 
in memory of Hiroshi Hara

When I phoned and asked you for a picture of keyaki trees, you appeared with it soon. I realized that you were already in very poor physical condition at that time of our last meeting.

The picture was applied to my new program of relayed reading of the Musashino series. The program became our last work which is still shining in the Japanese version of our Poetry Plaza.

You are still with us all.


An Artist Spirit
in memory of Shinji Hayashi

"For a journey,
nothing is better than
going by yourself"

He sighed.


These 2 Decades

Inevitable partings, separations, reunions, surgeries, unexpected meetings, happenings, new buildings, changes of the shopping area, earthquakes, tsunami  and so forth.  --- Variously so many.

A bachelor hood  with  Bobbie the Wild.
 74 years of age now



Big 3

Gaia - Phyllis
Hera - Jeanne.
Atena - Jessica

While, I am a Zeus.



Statement of Fact

Every night before going to bed,
I think I may lose my eyesight suddenly
when I get up next morning.

The doctors have already given me up as lost many years ago.
I wonder how long this condition continues, and
I am not quiet sure how long I can maintain this page.

I will follow the course of nature.


A View

A new tall building in the center of my eyesight.
The outlines melt into the sky.
Everything looks vaguely in milky white.


How many years since last time I stood like this
on the veranda of this residence on the 12th floor?




Towards the Future

I think I have done enough
with the 7 long epics in the past.
I It has been really an enjoyable time
for me to write any of the long epics,
studying the facts of the world history,
inflating my images and
integrating my past knowledge.

In the midst of the milky mist,
I am looking for the next theme.



73 Years Old

Getting up in every early morning,
I drink a cup of coffee and take
some sort of supplements and medicines, then
I enjoy smoking some cigarettes,
thinking of a schedule for the day.

It takes a bit long time for me
to decide anything recently, but
analyzing the situation of the day,
I decide the most important thing
that I have to do on the day.

After finishing the schedule, in the afternoon,
I enjoy a plenty of cheap alcohol made of rice,
till late at night alone.
eating the foods cooked by my helper for supper,
finally to find myself in my bed next early morning.

A matter a day.
A meal a day.
The time is simply passing by.
I'm still living.



Hera and Zeus
Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Poetry Plaza

Before the chaos, the world was wholly covered by the milky mist. The mist filled the unlimited space. It was an unrecognized existence. It was the root of everything -  gods, goddess, the universe, and all of nature and any of invisible abstractions. Each of them was, at the same time, the milky mist itself regardless of their different appearances.


Amongst the goddesses, Zeus was not well spoken of, because they were holding in check mutually despite their carnal desires with Whenever Hera heard of such rumors from other goddesses, she said nothing with a frown. She hated his wily sensuality. She could not find even a trace of sincerity in his past love affairs.

When Zeus approached and tried to violate Hera, she, with her elbow, gave a strong blow to his pit of the stomach. In an instant, Zeus crouched down.

Hera gently said to Zeus.
"If you do want me, first of all you must divorce Tenis and get separated from your children."
He saw an infinite maternity in the glow of her green eyes and said, watching her eyes.
"I swear I will follow you."
Then, she added solemnly.
"You must not do any of extramarital sex."
He said.
"What a beauty you say! I am entirely yours. Why can I be unfaithful. We will make a gorgeous wedding party."
The engagement was effected immediately.
She fell into his sturdy breast and arms.

Leaf tops of evergreen oak swept the canopy. Golden rains purified the air and lands. All things in nature shined vividly. The troop of eagles deployed silently in good order for vigilance over the cobalt blue way up high.

Olympus was flooded by the gods in full dresses and the goddesses who gorgeously dressed up contending the beautiful with each other.

Small birds were singing in chorus accompanied by a lyre. Nymphs were dancing in mid air.

Zeus and Hera appeared in front of the attendees at the Palace. Everyone gaped in astonishment at Hera's pure whiteness. The world was wholly covered by her deep brightness.

The goddess of goddesses was born. The wedding party continued for 300 years covering all the places in Greece.


Since after the marriage, Hera was vaguely feeling a gloomy foreboding about Zeus's fatal defeat someday in future. To add, from time to time, she heard of his love affairs with other women.

Hera opened her heavily depressed heart to Gaia. Gaia consoled Hera but said nothing specifically to solve the problems. Gaia gave a pomegranate to Hera without explaining anything. Hera had already known how it worked.

Getting back to the Palace, Hera ordered Iris and Hora to discretely trail after Zeus and report her the facts that they found. The information brought by them made her jealousy flare up. She decided her mind.

Hera told Zeus to attend the hall of the Palace and accused him of his sincerity in a round about way. He replied evasively to her accuses. She named Serene, Deto, Haristo, Ramia, Io and so forth. She abused his disgusting plays with them one by one with the details of their obscene behaviors.

Getting entirely at a loss for an excuse any longer, he flied into a furious rage of no sense. He grabbed her hair of the head and hanged her from the ceiling of the hall. She easily removed the hook for herself and flied down and stood up on the floor.

That moment, he was attacked by an aufully strong headache. He could not get rid of the pain for a long time. One day, he had Hefaitos to crack his skull with a battle-ax to see what was in it. Out of his skull appeared Atena with gold hair and deep marine blue eyes. She fully armed herself with a shield and spear in her hands. The unbearable headache of Zeus was over.

Hera summoned Atena. Atena dropped to one knee with her right hand on her breast in front of Hera. Placing in the hands of Atena the pomegranate that Gaia had once endowed to her, Hera commanded Atena to govern the territory of Athens in peace.

Atena placed the pomegranate deep in a sacred cavern at the hill of Athens and strictly sealed the hole.


Zeus told his close aides to set a rumor that Zeus and Hera were at he crisis of divorce and he was getting married with other beautiful lady. The rumor spread with seeming truth.

The rumor swelled further. Hera heard that the lady dressed in with scarlet was passing on foot the street just in front of the Place.

Raising her eyebrows in anger and squealing, Hera dashed out of the Place. Hera jumped on the lady and ripped up the lady's dress. Then, to her surprise, what appeared there was a clay figure.

Hera got back to the Place, where Zeus was waiting for her. They were reunited tightly once again.


After exterminating Cronos and the lineal relatives of Titan at Titanomakia, Zeus had established himself as the god to govern the celestial sphere.

He established the new order and harmony of the whole universe. The god of gods was born. However, who could imagine what would happen to him later?

There had been a discord between the Olympus and Gigas who was an immortal giant. As a consequence, the Gigantmakia War flared up.

Commanding the vast forces, Gigas attacked the Olympus. The sacred hill faced on the crisis in an instance.  Zeus summoned Heracleitos and gave him the strong bow and arrows that could pierce any material.

Heracleitos, with his marvelous power, drew the bow and shot an arrow, which pieced the heart of Gigas. At the same time, Adamas's sickle in the hands of Zeus fulgurated roaring the sky and land. The troop of Gigas was annihilated at once. The fierce battles were over with the complete victory of the Olympus.


The result of this war left an ill feeling to the mind of Gaia, who had once been governing both the land and sky initially before the era of Curonos.

She could not tolerate. She ordered Qupohn the Monster to destroy the Olympus. The internecine war broke out again at the territory of the Olympus.

The violence of Qupohn ripped land, crushed the mountains to pieces, filled the sky with huge roar. Every god and goddess escaped from the Palace to Egypt. Only Zeus made a stand against the enemy.

After the violent duel between Zeus and Qupohn, Zeus met with a severe defeat for the first time. Zeus was torn from limb to limb and locked in the cave at Coripion by Qupohn. While, Qupohn was heavily injured too, and he returned to the palace of Gaia for treatment.

Hera had Hermes to rescue Zeus and get him back to Samos where she had been born. She washed and treated the body of Zeus with water which flew out of the sacred spring. Zeus recovered soon.


All things in nature became frightened and deeply shuddered at a sinister symptom under the sky filled by the heavy black clouds.

Gaia, with the utmost secrecy, summoned Hera to her palace. Her room was filled by the roses of whiteness. Her lady attendant closed the thick curtains and left there shutting up the doors.

The room was filled by the fragrance and soft lights of roses' pure whiteness. Gaia and Hera mutually shared what were in their hearts. In conclusion, Gaia said to Hera in a very round about way that power, itself only, could not govern the universe. Hera understood correctly what Gaia said to her.


Once again, in the deep skies, Zeus and Qupohn stood opposite each other to finally decide the victory or defeat.

Adamas's sickle flashed. The thunders roared. The magma and devouring flames flew in whirls. The orbits of the sun and moon got into a complete disorder. The canopy bore the innumerable cracks. The stars dispersed in all directions. The universe fell into a complete mess.


Hera heard the voice of Gaia just saying a name "Moia" from nowhere. She immediately summoned Atena.

Atena attended in front of Hera at once, arming herself with a heavy guard and holding in her hand the pomegranate that Hera had once entrusted to her.

Atena delivered to Moia by hand the pomegranate, in which every wisdom and desire for peace of all the goddesses.

In fact, Moia had been pressed by Qupohn to give him her fruit of victory. She gave him the pomegranate instead. Qupohn ate it. In an instant, he lost his enormous power.


The tide of battle in the skies turned. Zeus finally cornered Qupohn to Sicilia, where Qupohn was strictly sealed under the Mount Etna.

Zeus saved the universe from the total ruin and established the ultimate order and harmony for the universe and all the nature. Hera's deep brightness covered the whole world again.


Shining in the golden light, the Olympus greeted the triumphant return of Zeus. Every god and goddess acknowledged Zeus as the omniscient, omnipotent god.

Purifying herself in the sacred spring at Kanatos, Hera gave away all of herself to Zeus. He did realize of her faith, dedication and chastity as well as her courage and wisdom. Two of them went into deep love and completely became one in the midst of milky mist. The time, distance, space, all nature were painted onto a canvas wholly covered by a single color of milky white.

Whether recognized or not recognized, we, each of us, are in the milky mist where all things are independently existing in the one




There's a cuckoo
on Hera's mace.

I said hello to the bird. It fried onto my shoulder
whispered something into my ear.

(Getting busy for the next)



Dots and Sky

At this late stage of my life, I wonder why I recall
what  a poet has once said to me decades ago.

He said that that the dots, mutually connected, made the lines, and as a result, they made the firmament.




On the New Year's Day

Isn't there any day
for my getting into the utmost?

Oh! Bobbie, my innocent cat.



Silly Question

I am vaguely thinking
what the rich is

as well as

what the happiness
or satisfaction is.




Living Dead Eyes

Being born,
iving through,

thinking how and how far
I can go,

I am still living
right here.



Global Warming

I listen to
the cicadas singing in mid winter.

I think of
van Gogh.



An Evil Omen

An unusually dull midnight.
On and off appear the shooting stars.
Lots of souls must be disappearing.



Doing Nothing

In the midst of the time passing by,
I am simply waiting for something

Thinking of nothing,
without any annoyance,
I am watching my unavoidable future.




An Autumnal Afternoon

Bobbie is sleeping in his basket on my bed.
I open all the doors and windows.
The natural air runs through the space in whirls,
blowing away even the dusts
at every corner.





The Plain of Azumino
for Kunio Takagi

Hakuba, Hotaka, Yarigatake --
a lofty range of Hida Mountains.

Cobalt blue of the deep sky.
Clear air. Limpid water.

Sai, Takase, Azusa River
flowing down the foot of the great Hida.

The severely cold winter
that strengthened our spirits.

The land where we grew up.
The days that have gone afar.

(Re: "The Village Where Sai River Can Be Seen")




Finishing Mamaluna, the 6th long epics of mine, and
fixing the contents and designs of Poetry plaza
just before my eyesight is gone,
I wonder how far I can go further.

Thinking of a hard time during and after the war,
I believe this is nothing serious




A Legend of the Mayas
Mamaluna  (1) 

20 thousand years ago, in the Wisconsin glacial period of the diluvial epoch, a number of tribes living in Eurasia shifted in waves to the north east , and moved to the American Continents, through the Bering Landbridge. 

In the new lands, they further continued moving down to the south and scattered all over the continents in small groups after thousands of years. One of the tribes called the mayas settled down in the Mesoamerican territory.

In the deep night of the 7th day of Flowers, when the ecliptic and moon’s path took the  exactly same orbit under the canopy, was born Mamaluna, who was the 9th daughter of the family. Her father was Yashukuk, an astrological priest. Her mother was Margarita.

On this particular day, according to their astronomy, the moon was newly born again, and the next day, the sun was to be reborn too. Otherwise, the world was to collapse.

People gathered on the hill with fear and hope, waiting for the daybreak. "Lo!" shouted Yashukuk, pointing his finger to the scarlet morning star. Soon the gold arrows began to fill the canopy of the sky.

The drama of the twilight and dawn in midday continued. The sun concealed itself into the black spotand was soon reborn. People kneeled showered by the bright new sunbeams.


A Legend of the Mayas
Mamaluna  (2) 

Mamaluna grew up with a macaw from her cradle days. The bird was nemed Paco. They were always together. Their relation was like an air one another. They communicated in an inaudible sphere. They have jointly owned their hearts and minds.

For the mayas, father of all things in nature was the sun, while mother was the land, and mother's womb was the underground. Caves were regarded as sanctuaries. Macaw was a symbol of the sun which fought against the darkness and death.

Margarita taught reading and writing to Mamaluna, who soon read through the massive amount of records carved on the stone monuments in the platform of the palace. Particularly, she was captivated by the astronomical records which had  been accumulated for thousands of years.

Yashukuk frequently took her with him to the astronomical observatory and taught her the basic astronomy. When grown up, she was versed in it almost at the same level of his.

One night when the sky was brightly glittering with an unusual number of shooting stars coming from a viicinity of the Great Bear. Mamaluna felt something invisible like glowing gold from afar the southern limit of the canopy. Wondering what it was, she murmured something in her mind.

One day, she told Yashukuk that there were two spots in the canopy of heaven; one was a silvery white and the other was of blackness. Furthermore she added that the space was not simply cubic but consisted of many dimensions. He simply laughed at and disregarded what she had said to him.


A Legend of the Mayas
Mamaluna (3) 

Napacusco, a young man of the aimalas living in the area of Lago Titicaca, was under the heavens jeweled with stars. The sky was flooded by a number of shooting stars which came from a vicinity  of the Southern Cross. From afar the northern edge of the canopy, he felt that he heard a voice of platinum whiteness calling him.

He left Titicaca where he had been born and descended the Andes towards the north. He came down to a forest of the flat area, where he found a macaw that followed him maintaining a [proper distance, flying ahead of him or getting backwards.
He named it Rara.

He entered the jungle. He went forward, cutting his way by a hatchet. Leading him to the north, Rara's movements became much more busy than before.

Flying ahead of him, Rara lgave a piercing scream. A jaguar was watching him for a chance. Numerous macaws flied in the mid air between Napacusco and the jaguar, threatening it with awfully loud screeches. A huge macau glided silently from the back behind and stabbed the vital part between hipbones of the  jaguar with a sharp beak. The jaguar run away dragging its hind legs.

After cutting thriugh the jungle, he saw a rich field. Settling on his shoulder, Rara pressed its cheek to his and told him in an inaudible voice that they are reaching the land of platinum whiteness. He nodded.


A Legend of the Mayas
Mamaluna (4) 

A cannibal tribe called the meadias was secretly enveloping the city of Copan, which was covered by the gloomy air. Grosso raised his right hand to command an attack to his men. That instant the invisible golden arrows from the sun pierced their eyes, ears and throats. They fell down and became worms. The birds came and pecked at hem. The city was again covered by the bright platinum light. People of the city felt something strange, but nobody except Paco and Rara realized what had happened actually.

Napacusco entered the city zone with Rara on his shoulder. The pedestrians saw a soft golden aura shrouding them. A man said that the god's messengers came. The rumor spread. Rara said to Napacusco that the valley which was seen over there was the place where the platinum whiteness originated. They entered the forest in the valley.

Napacusco found a lady who was bathing in a pond surrounded by bushes. She was shrouded by an aura of platinum whiteness. She was Mamaluna. He kneeled in front of the absolutely beautiful, while Paco and Rara were crossing their cheeks one another. Napacusco dedicated Mamaluna a gold
necklace that he brought from Titicaca. Mamaluna accepted Napacusco's courtship. Paco cut off a part of the pendant that Mamaluna was wearing. It was a bone of her great ancestor. Rara planted it in Napacusco's breast muscle.

People gathered at the platform of the palace. When Mamaluna and Napacusco appeared in front of them, they saw a brilliance mixed with platinum whiteness and gold that shrouded the pair. The brilliance spread and covered the whole place. In a wondrous mist of light, chewing cocas and drinking chicha, people were intoxicated by the beautiful of the pair.


A Legend of the Mayas
Mamaluna (5) 

At a twinkling starlit night, Mamaluna took Napacusco with her to her secret cave which was above the pond where they met for the first time. The cave was filled by the mist of soft solemn light. There was a spring in the center; The ceiling was the canopy pf heaven. Lying down themselves side by side with face up beside the spring, they watched the canopy.

In the part of the sky where she saw the Grate Bear, while he saw the Southern Cross in the same place. She soon understood that he was under the sky of Titicaca. Both of them realized that the canopy was dual like two sides of the same coin and that the distance means nothing to them.

In the same night, Yashukuk was observing the movement of the stars. In the Milky Way he found two undiscovered stars which were close together; one was shining in gold, and the other in platinum whiteness. In the light of candlestick, he recorded the fact on the stone monument He remembered what Mamaluna once had said to him about  her astronomical view which had sounded curious to him.

Getting back to his residence at midnight, he told Margarita about what happened that night, She smiled but said nothing. She had known every thing already. They went to bed and fell in deep sleeping.

When the day broke, all people living in the territory of the city of Copan disappeared suddenly. Even now nobody knows what happened and where they were gone.



A Murmur

The advance guard just for a new trial
means nothing to me, but
what is an orthodoxy?

Above all,
what is a normality?




July 2, 2015

My journey of no return still continues.
Who can tell what the happiness or
what the misfortune is?

My eyesight is being lost pretty soon, but
I feel quite satisfied with the current solitary life
always together with my innocent Bobbie.

I believe I have the time still remaining
to finish "Mamaluna".
No pity is necessary for me.





We are walking
down the road



An Existence

 I am right here,
 getting blind and deaf,
 making progress at a snail's pace,
 leaning on the sticks in both hands.
 I am still right here

 in this virtual memory.





What the logic stands on is emotion.
Logic itself is, so to say, simply a tool
to justify the emotions.

Righ now at the time of twilight,
fortunately or unfortunately,
I don't have a sense to see ghosts so far.

Buttoning up their lips,
people are plodding wearily
down the road.




What You Are
for Jessica Helen Lopez

The life itself for you is sadness based on love,
which is expressed in your own poems
as an inevitable anger seeking for the flat, having no way of venting.

You made a debut into our Poetry Plaza
for your inevitability, as an individual existence.