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Jeanne Shannon


     I believe that poetry is sister to music and painting, and that it should reflect those kinships. I like to experiment with creating musical compositions and vivid landscapes in my poetry. Often the landscapes are points of departure for explorations of the spiritual and metaphysical.

 ( Jeanne Shannon ) 

     Born in Wise, Virginia, USA. She earned a Bachelorfs degree in French and Music at Radford University in Virginia and a Masterfs degree in English at the University of New Mexico. She also studied Comparative Literature and French at the University of Kentucky.

     After publishing gBlackberryh poetry magazine for several years, she founded The Wildflower Press in Albuquerque, through which she publishes fiction, memoir, and poetry by various authors.

     In addition to gCarrying Water in a Sieve,h she has published numerous chapbooks of poetry and a full-length collection of poems and stories drawn from her early life in Virginia, titled gStars Scattered Like Seeds.h Her work has appeared in numerous small-press and university publications in the United States, Canada, and England.